• May 13 Weekly Encouragement

    Our weekly encouragement message today comes from an unlikely source. The message today is from Martin Luther’s lectures on the book of Zechariah from 1526 – so almost 500 years ago and he writes this about just the phrase: “Thus says the Lord of hosts.” Luther writes: “The prophets and...

  • Sunday Services

    Click on the link below for  the live stream of Sunday Services at 10:00 A.M. Sunday mornings. https://www.facebook.com/hopelcspoco The live video link *should* appear close to the top. It should also appear in our videos with a “live” button.” I sincerely hope that you’ll join us, and sing, and join...

  • Small Group Bible Study Hope Lutheran Church Port Coquitlam

    Small Groups

    We are advising the small groups that meet in homes to discontinue those face to face studies, but to perhaps find some other way to connect and grow and care for each other. If you are a member of one of those small groups, please decide how you will do...

  • Good Friday

    April 10 Good Friday online worship – 8:00 P.M. (have 7 candles ready!)

  • Red Letter Challenge

    Follow along with the Red Letter Challenge Sermons – Under Worship!