The Board of Governance

The Board of Governance is that group of individuals which:
– represents Jesus and His mission to people in the world
– defines the principles that guide the congregation in its mission
– supports the pastoral leadership of the congregation
– monitors the performance of staff and volunteers


  • Mike Goetz – Chairperson

  • Rob Andriulaitis – Vice-Chairperson

  • Roger Fast – Treasurer

  • Michele Malmberg – Secretary

  • Bruce Forrieter – Governance Elder

  • Jane Bulman

  • Brenda Horton

  • George Intile

  • Tyrone Lengert

  • Janet Zotzman

  • Lucas Albrecht – Pastor

  • Danny Nagtegaal – Principal

Team Leaders

  • Communication Team Leader: TBD
  • Facilities Team Leader: George Intile
  • Mission Team Leader: TBD
  • Small Group Team Leader: TBD
  • Children’s Ministry Team Leader: Michele Malmberg
  • Youth Adult Team Leader: TBD
  • Sunday Team Leaders: Christine Intile
  • Financial Team Leaders: Roger Fast & Emily Reilly
  • Celebration Team Leader: TBD
  • Spiritual Care Team Leader: TBD


The Board of Elders here at Hope is a group of men, usually six, which exists primarily to support the role of our Pastor and the whole family of Hope Lutheran Church. We are guided by a code of conduct set out In 1 Timothy 3:1-13.

This ministry is carried out in cooperation with our Pastor and we support him in study, prayer and discussion. If there are particular spiritual or personal needs of one of our family here at Hope we pray for them and phone or visit with them. We seek God’s guidance to see where we can be of service in their need. Elders also try to help resolve issues that can arise within the family of believers.

If you have further inquiries please contact us.



Bruce Forrieter

George Intile

Bill Wilson