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A Call to Prayer in the Wake of the Moncton Tragedy

Dear friends of the Lutheran Church-Canada family,

As delegates to our recent Tenth Convention were making their way to Vancouver, they-together with everyone in Canada-were shattered by news of the shooting deaths of three Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers in Moncton, New Brunswick.

Our delegates couldn’t help but be troubled by this sorrow as they began their work. They prayed for the safety and witness of our Moncton pastor, Rev. David Milette, whose church and home were in the “lockdown zone” until the perpetrator was in custody. They couldn’t help but recall the pain of ABC District President Don Schiemann and his wife, Beth, who lost their beloved son, Peter, in another such tragedy in 2005. And they couldn’t let this event go by without a response. On the first business
day of the Convention, delegates quickly passed a resolution to respond to the sorrows unfolding in the other end of our country.

Their resolution asked our churches to “pray God’s protection on those who work in law enforcement in our country, and to beg His comfort for the families and co-workers of the officers who lost their lives in Moncton.” So now, as the Synod’s chief pastor, this is what I am imploring you to do.

On the Sunday before Canada Day, that’s June 29 this year, I imagine our churches will pray in the service for God’s blessing on our country. As you do this, could you please remember the families of these fallen officers in those prayers? And ask the Lord to keep safe others in law enforcement who are trying to maintain a stable life for us all? I have included some possible prayers below, but I know that our pastors may have their own better way of saying it, which I surely respect. God in Christ watch
over you all, and keep you in His care.

Pastor Robert Bugbee, President
Lutheran Church—Canada

A Prayer for the Fallen RCMP Officers in Moncton

O Jesus, You are the Lord of all comfort. You took pity on a widow who lost her son, and You cried at the tomb of Your friend, Lazarus. Stand close to the families, friends and co-workers of the RCMP constables killed in Moncton in the line of duty. Carry them when they do not know how to hold themselves together. Send kind people to help them with the adjustments they now must make. Fill the empty spaces in their lives with Your love. And use this time of trauma to make Your promises very real in the hearts and homes of the sorrowing. Lord, inYour mercy, HEAR OUR PRAYER

A Prayer for those who Serve in Law Enforcement

Great God our King, the work of those who keep public order in our land always needs Your blessing. Give diligence to the men and women in law enforcement. Give them the eyes and heart to see themselves as servants of the people. Endow them with fairness in their dealings with the community. Kindle courage in their hearts when they face danger. Surround them with your constant protection.

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