What families have experienced at Hope Lutheran Christian School:


“At Hope small class size means one on one help is just one question away. Our kids can always get help whether they are at an advanced level or need extra help.” –  The Shular Family

“Hope has an excellent caring school community that encourages academic excellence and thoughtfulness for others.”  – The Tan Family

“Bringing our family to a new province and searching for a school with a family environment, we found HOPE at Hope Lutheran Christian School!”  – The Benedykczak Family

“We are very pleased with the way in which the teachers and other staff at Hope work purposefully to develop meaningful relationships with their students, making Hope very much like a large, extended family!”  – The Kuffner Family

“After homeschooling our daughters, we found Hope. The transition has been wonderful. Hope combines the warmth of homeschooling, coupled with academic excellence. We are truly grateful that we found such a caring environment for our children.”  – The McPherson Family

“Hope was eager to have my children in their school and support them to flourish. Through personal trials and tribulations Hope’s response has always been to come alongside us, and walk us through it. Hope isn’t just a church, nor is it just a school. Hope is a family.”  – Ms. de Jong

“Hope is a mini-community. The students learn social and academic skills. The teachers model kindness to others and how to love God. The teachers hearts are full of love. The school has the best technology in every classroom from K to high school. We are very happy that our kids can go to this school.” –  The Kong Family