Offering activities for our students in a variety of settings is a priority in our middle school program.

Whether providing authentic learning experiences through guest speakers and field trips or providing co-curricular and extra-curricular activities such as athletics, chess, coding and climbing clubs, HLCS strives to educate each unique student through a well-rounded middle school experience.

The HLCS athletic program, affiliated with BCCSSAA (, CESS ( and GVISSAA ( includes cross-country, soccer, volleyball, basketball, track & field, floor hockey and badminton.

Our primary activity for students is geared towards building student community by breaking down grade and age barriers.

Spirit Teams provide our middle school students with an opportunity to build community and strengthen relationships with other students across the grade levels. In teams, students may engage in fun activities and games, meet as a prayer or Bible study group, or serve in the community. Teams are each given one of the Fruits of the Spirit and colour as their team name. Teams earn points by participating in games, fundraisers, dress down days, etc.  At the end of the year the points are tallied up and the winning team is awarded the Dotzler Cup.