Middle School Monday Note: April 6, 2021

Week at a Glance

Monday, April 5


Tuesday, April 6

3-4:00 pm Volleyball Club 

Wednesday, April 7

12:15 – 1:00 pm Chapel 

The Well at Lunch

Thursday, April 8

Prayer Group @ Lunch

 3 – 4:00 pm Climbing Club today

Friday, April 9

Whole School Spell-a-thon

Looking Ahead…

Monday, April 12

3 – 4:00 Climbing Club

Tuesday, April 13

No Volleyball Club today

Wednesday, April 14

12:15 – 1:00 pm Chapel 

The Well @ Lunch

Thursday, April 15

Prayer Group @ Lunch

3-4:00 pm Climbing club 

Friday, March April 16

Whole School Spelling Bee 

Hot Lunch

Hot Lunch

The ordering site is now open for you to place orders for April, May, and June.

 Please note: The order deadline for the Friday, April 16th hot lunch is Monday, April 12th at midnight. After that, the weekly cut-off will resume on Fridays.

 Here are the links:

https://munchalunch.com/login or https://munchalunch.com/schools/hopelutheran/

 For Questions please contact: Marsha Ojiro at [email protected]

Accounts Manager at Fuel Catering



Happy ordering and thank you for your support!

Grade 6 and 7 Immunization Update

Fraser Health’s Immunization Program for school-aged children will resume this year beginning with students in grades 7 and 10 who missed their immunizations during the 2019-2020 school year due to COVID-19. These appointments will be located at local public health units. Health unit staff will contact families to book these immunization appointments over the spring and summer.

  • The Fraser Health Immunization Program for school-aged children will resume this year.
  • To start, public health staff will contact families of students currently in grades 7 and 10 who missed their immunizations during the 2019-2020 school year, due to COVID-19. 
  • These students will be offered immunization appointments over the spring and summer.
  • Immunization information for  Grade 6 and 9 students from the 2020-2021 school year will be provided at a future date.

Spell-a-thon and Spelling Bee

Prior to the break, students were given a letter to bring home about our upcoming school-wide Spell-a-thon to be held this week – Friday, April 9, as well as a school-wide spelling bee on April 16. A pledge form and word lists were attached. Please continue to review and practice the spelling words with your child this week so that they are ready and confident to participate in the Spell-a-thon on Friday! Following the Spell-a-thon this Friday, students will be notified if they are being invited to participate in the Spelling Bee next Friday, April 16 (this is also voluntary). All money raised will be used to support the BC Mission Boat Society Easter kit project. The pledge form and money are to be returned to the school by Thursday, April 22. 

Food Bank Drive  – Grade 7A

The Grade 7A class at the middle school campus is running a food drive from April 12th-30th! All donations will go to the Port Coquitlam SHARE Food Bank. You can drop off food items in our donation boxes, which can be found in each classroom and the office. There will be reminders throughout the school as well as in the monthly newsletter. This isn’t just for our school to participate in, but the community too! It’s a great way to spread God’s love to others who need it.

If you have any questions, please visit the website linked below for more information. On behalf of the Grade 7A class. You can also submit a donation at the link below:


Still Accepting Financial Donations for the Middle School/BC Mission Boat Project

Although the middle school wrapped up this amazing project just before Spring Break, we are still in need of money to cover the costs associated with our mission project with BC Mission Boat. You may drop off a cheque made out to the BC Mission Boat Society. Alternatively, donations can be made via the BC Mission Boat website https://bcmissionboat.org/ – simply click the “Donate Now” button at the top right-hand corner of the screen. Please remember to make a note where prompted to indicate that the funds are to be designated for “Hope Lutheran Christian School Easter Project.

PTL News


Join us in prayer on Monday, April 19th.

On Monday, April 19th we are having a special 12-hour Day of Prayer from 7 am to 7 pm – a time where we lift up our needs and the needs of others before God.  We encourage you to join us at a time convenient to you between 7 am and 7 pm.  Please sign up for one or more 20-minute time slots:   Day of Prayer Time Slots.  Prayer points are listed here.  During that designated time, please pray in earnest for the topics we have shared with you, as well as other things God brings to your mind. If you have a prayer request, please send it to [email protected].

Parents and staff will also be meeting that day in front of the PoCo campus at 9 am for their weekly prayer time.  Consider joining us, we’d love to see you, appropriately distanced of course.

Thank you for your continued support of all we do and serving the community within and beyond our school walls.  

25 for the 25th!  HLCS BOOK DRIVE

Please support our libraries!

In celebration of our 25th Anniversary, a book drive is ongoing to directly benefit our school libraries at both campuses.  Our goal:  25 books for each grade!

Parents – here’s your chance to declutter and clean off your child’s bookshelf.  See what you can find to donate to our library.  Maybe you have some of our desired titles.  If you have recommended titles not on our wish list, we are interested in those too.

Please view our “Wish List” with tabs based on grade level: HLCS Book Drive

If you wish to make a monetary donation instead to fund the purchase of books, donations can be dropped off at either campus office (please mark your donation “Book Drive”).

Any questions can be directed to Lisa at [email protected] 


Rehearsals are ongoing for our Anniversary Musical and the team is now hoping for the Hope Community’s help with props and costumes. Below there is a sign-up for some props and costumes we will need for this show. Take a look and let us know if you have any of these items! Props/Costume Sign-up

We are also looking for a teacher, parent, or community member who would be willing to organize the props and costumes for our show. This would include updating the sign-up genius, meeting with Mrs. Maclean at the Port Coquitlam Campus once a week for 20 minutes or so, thrifting for a few hard to find items, and being available April 26th-30th to organize the props on tables at the school for the performance and help pack them away afterward. If this is something you would like to help with, please let Mrs. MacLean know at [email protected].     


Small groups are happening within our Hope community utilizing an app-based Bible reading plan that can be read at any time each day.  Each daily reading takes about 10 minutes and space is provided for reflection.  Group members are connected through a chat feature and are engaging in meaningful conversation, getting to know each other better, and being supported through prayer.

New men’s and women’s groups are starting Monday, April 12th.  If you would like to be a part of a community group, please email Lisa at [email protected] to get connected.  

The feedback on these groups has been very positive.  Don’t delay.  Get into the community! 

以圣经阅读为基础的小组活动将继续在Hope社区内开展,该活动使用一款可随时访问的手机阅读软件, 每天的阅读量大约在10分钟左右,软件同时提供交流反馈的空间。小组成员通过聊天功能建立联系,并进行有意义的对话,从而更好地了解彼此。

 新的男女小组将于4月12日星期一开始。如果您想成为Hope社区团体的一员,请通过[email protected]发送电子邮件与Lisa联系。

目前小组的反馈非常积极, 鼓励大家不要拖延,努力参与!


Our April newsletter was emailed out to all families on April 1st.  Paper copies can be obtained at each Campus office.

Submissions are open for the May newsletter.  

Calling all Parents, Staff, and Kids

We’d like to know how God has been faithful to you and your family during this COVID season.  How have you seen God at work providing for you?  What blessings can you identify in the midst of a worldwide pandemic?

Please send your stories of God’s faithfulness to Lisa Klym at [email protected]

Coding Club

Interested in computers and how they work? Join us for Coding Class to find out! Possible topics include Making Websites, Game Development, Binary and Hexadecimal, Different computer languages, and much more. No experience necessary.

Grade 6/7 club is Mondays 3:30-4:30 pm.
Everyone is welcome to join.  This club will likely run for the entire year. Changes and updates will be posted on Google classroom.
Id: 598 469 5607
Password: hope

Climbing Club

The club is taking place every Monday and Thursday (excluding holidays and long weekends) until June 10th, 2021 from 3:10 pm-4:30 pm. 

Students are required to bring the following items: climbing shoes, harness, and chalk (chalk bag/liquid chalk). This will ensure that students are not sharing equipment, keeping the Climbing Club as safe as possible. 

Students wanting to participate are required to sign up by completing this Google Form:


The Climbing Club is limited to 15 students to ensure safety and proper social distancing. Students will be required to wear masks when belaying and climbing, and wash/sanitize hands prior to climbing. The Climbing Club will have focused training/climbing at the middle school campus, but there will be opportunities to climb at local gyms in the area, in the future. Students/parents will be expected to cover any additional costs related to these outings if the student chooses to attend. 

I look forward to seeing you out on our wall. – Mr. O’Dell

Hope Lutheran Junior Youth

Junior Youth is a ministry of Hope Lutheran Church for students in grades 5-8, connecting students with Jesus and one another.

Junior Youth is online this Saturday! Join our email list by clicking here, and receive up-to-date information and the unique Zoom link for this week!

Have questions? Please email Mrs. Stephanie Mayer ([email protected]).