All students need activity to stimulate their learning experiences.

With this in mind, HLCS strives to provide students with opportunities throughout each day to be active and mobile both in class and outside of class on the playground at McLean Park. Our schedule is designed with this in mind as we space out class time with physical activity breaks such as recess or Daily Physical Activity (DPA).
[htable type=”table-striped”] [tbody] [trow] [tcol]8:40 [/tcol] [tcol]FIRST BELL[/tcol] [/trow] [trow] [tcol]8:50[/tcol] [tcol]CLASSES BEGIN[/tcol] [/trow] [trow] [tcol]9:00[/tcol] [tcol]CHAPEL (Wednesdays Only)[/tcol] [/trow] [trow] [tcol]10:15 – 10:30[/tcol] [tcol]Grades K-2 RECESS[/tcol] [/trow] [trow] [tcol]10:30 – 10:45[/tcol] [tcol]Grades 3-5 RECESS[/tcol] [/trow] [trow] [tcol]12:00 – 12:45[/tcol] [tcol]LUNCH[/tcol] [/trow] [trow] [tcol]3:00[/tcol] [tcol]DISMISSAL[/tcol] [/trow] [/tbody] [/htable]