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COVID-19 Updates Stage 2 COVID School Procedures

Stage 2 COVID  School Procedures  

Updated February 8, 2021

The Provincial Health Officer maintains that facilities that provide learning/childcare services can safely care for children if they are following the prescribed Public Health protocols. This document follows the current health protocols (as of February 4, 2021) and is for parents to see how safety concerns are being addressed and updated at the school at this time.

Please read through the following changes:

Parents visiting the office: In order to minimize traffic and contact in the school offices we prefer and encourage parents to communicate with the office by email or phone.  Much of the need for form/cheque submission has been greatly reduced this year or have moved online.  At the elementary campus there is now a mailslot outside the main doors for parents to drop off forms/documents/cheques for the office to process. Alternatively, students can forward any forms/documents/cheques directly to their teacher. If you must speak with someone in the office please call ahead to arrange or ring the doorbell and follow the floor markers for lining up at the service window. Parents will also be asked to sanitize and wear a mask while inside the building.

External visitors (excluding parents): All visitors who do not frequent the school as parents or caregivers will be required to sign in and provide a contact number.  As well, all visitors will be required to wear a mask and sanitize/wash hands upon entry to the building.


Elementary Campus: Parents and students will wear masks while waiting outside.  Parents will drop off students in the parking lot (behind the buildings by the breezeway) or walk them to the parking lot. The parking lot will be divided into sections and the students grouped into their cohorts. Students will be asked to stand in designated areas in the parking lot while they wait for the school doors to open. Students and families will need to dress for the weather as they will be waiting outside in the elements until directed to enter. At 8:40 am, when the classrooms are ready to receive students, staff will begin allowing students to enter the building and proceed to their classroom. Staff will allow cohorts to enter one at a time to limit the number of students entering the building at one time. K-2 will enter the main entrance (one at a time), Grades 3 – 5  will enter the South Wing entrance.

Middle School Campus: Parents and students will wear masks while waiting outside. Students will be allowed to enter the building at 8:00am and are asked to proceed to the gymnasium where they will distance themselves from the other learning cohort. 

Student Health Assessment:

Parents MUST conduct a daily health assessment prior to sending their child(ren) to school. Teachers will be taking temperatures using our contactless thermometers, as was the practice prior to spring break and in the June restart.  Questions may also be asked of the student by the teacher at any time. Any children with any of the following symptoms, will not be permitted to attend and will be sent home: 

  • fever (greater than 38 degrees Celsius/100.4 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • cough or worsening chronic cough
  • shortness of breath/difficulty breathing
  • loss of sense of smell or taste
  • chills
  • diarrhea
  • vomiting


Elementary Campus: We will be returning to our usual dismissal format with a few minor changes to note.  The parking lot will be open for parking, however, parents are required to stay outside the school building.  We ask parents to wear masks when picking up, as many will be congregating in the same space and physical distancing may be difficult. To alleviate congestion we will have a slight staggering of dismissal times.  ALL students will be picked up outside the main entrance.  Kindergarten students will come outside for dismissal at 2:45pm.  Grade 1 students will come outside for dismissal at 2:50pm.  Grade 2 students at 2:55pm.  The remainder of the classes will be dismissed at 3:00pm.  Once your child(ren) has been collected, please leave the school grounds so others may come in to pick up their children.

Middle School Campus: We will be returning to our usual dismissal format, with a few minor changes to note.  The parking lot will be open for parking but parents are required to stay outside. We ask parents to wear masks when picking up, as many may be congregating in the same space and physical distancing may be difficult.

Bathroom use:

Elementary Campus: Different bathrooms will be designated for different grades and only two students will be allowed in at a time.  Students may need to call in to see how many are already there.  If they need to wait, there will be markers on the floor outside for students to stand as they wait their turn and maintain physical distancing.

Middle School Campus: Only two students will be allowed in the bathrooms in the main hallway at a time and only one student at a time in the bathrooms next to the gym. If they need to wait, markers on the floor will show students where to stand as they wait their turn and maintain physical distancing. 

Water Fountains: We will only be using the bottle refill feature at our water fountains.  Students will need to bring in a reusable water bottle to fill and drink from throughout the day.

Classroom ventilation and air quality: New HEPA filter air purifiers will be used to clean the air in each classroom.


Elementary Campus: These times will be staggered for their outside playtimes.  Students will be eating lunch at their own desks and will be washing with soap and water before and after eating.  Please pack lunches that students can open on their own.  For our older students (Grades 4/5s classes that have a microwave in class) microwaving will be permitted, provided cleaning protocols (sanitize after each use) are followed.

Middle School Campus: Depending on the number of students in attendance, staggered recess/lunch recess times may be implemented. Students will be eating lunch at their own desks and will be washing with soap and water before and after eating. Microwaving will be permitted, provided cleaning protocols (sanitize after each use) are followed.

Masks/Face Shields: Facial covering is mandatory for staff and students (unless an exception is made).  A set of reusable/washable masks will be distributed to students.  Parents may choose to alternatively provide their child with their own face shield.  Students will be taught how to keep their facial coverings clean throughout the day.  If a student forgets to bring a face covering to school, the teacher will provide him/her with a new disposable mask for the day.

Staff use of facial coverings: Teaching staff and any staff working in the classroom, or with children, or in any areas where distancing is not possible will be required to wear a mask.

Staff health assessment: All staff will be conducting a daily self-assessment and will report to the Principal if there are symptoms or any health concerns.  All staff will get their temperature checked each morning from the office.

Bus safety: Facial coverings will be required to ride on the shuttle bus.  The bus will be disinfected after each trip.

Hand Washing: Students will be washing their hands more frequently throughout the day and it will be structured within their schedules.  Bathrooms and classrooms are equipped with touchless soap dispensers.  Students will wash their hands:

  • When they enter the building (arrival, and outdoor times – recess and lessons)
  • Before and after eating/drinking
  • After using the toilet
  • After sneezing or coughing into hands/arm/tissue
  • Whenever hands are visibly dirty
  • Moving from different areas
  • *If a sink is not available, alcohol-based hand sanitizer will be available for student use with supervision.

Learning Group/Cohorting: As much as possible students will be learning in just their learning group. At the elementary level, both classes in a grade level will be considered a cohort (i.e. 1A and 1B are a cohort, 3A and 3B are a cohort, etc).  At the middle school, their cohorts will be created to fit their scheduling model. If there is crossover of groupings, students will be physically distancing and using PPE (face masks).  We anticipate our cohorts to be under 50 individuals including staff members.   

Distancing: Desks will be spaced out in the classroom and students will be stationed at one for their work times.  Students will be taught and reminded to limit physical contact and practice physical distancing (as developmentally appropriate).  This will mean keeping our hands to ourselves (no high fives, hugs, etc), as well as avoiding touching their faces. Students will be limited in their travelling to other classrooms (Music, PE, Library) throughout the day.  Distancing signage will be placed around the school to help students line up and control the flow of traffic.

Playgrounds: We will be using the playground equipment on our school grounds and at McLean Park, with increased hygiene practices of staggering groups who may use the equipment that day/time, AND hand washing before and after play.

Specialties: Music and PE will be offered to students on-site with health and safety protocols in place (PPE wearing, distancing, etc).  These lessons may take place indoors or outdoors (weather permitting).  Any shared equipment will be cleaned and disinfected in between uses according to the guidelines provided by the ministry.

Enhanced Cleaning: A staff member will be on-site the whole day to perform a routine of increased cleaning and sanitizing before and after school, and throughout the day as needed. Some doors may be propped open to limit contact and high touch areas will be sanitized multiple times (at least two times) in the day. 

Birthdays: Students/Families will no longer be allowed to bring in homemade food/items to share in the celebration of birthdays or other events. Manufactured AND individually wrapped by the manufacturer items may be shared (granola bars, bagged crackers, etc).  Students will be directed to bring these items home before opening to show to parents.  We ask that parents communicate intentions to teachers (for feedback) prior to sending to school and parents to exercise COVID awareness to others’ sensitivities.

Procedure if a student/staff member develops any symptoms while at school: The individual exhibiting the symptom(s) will immediately be removed from the area and supervised in our connection room. They will be given a mask to wear, if they are not already wearing one. Parents/Emergency contacts will be contacted to come and pick up the individual as soon as possible.  The area the individual was in will be sanitized and cleaned by our on-site personnel.   The individual should not return to school until they have been assessed by a health-care provider to exclude COVID 19 or other infectious disease AND their symptoms have resolved.

Procedure if a suspected or positive case is confirmed: If a staff member or student in the school is suspected or confirmed by public health as positive for COVID 19, public health will work with the school administration to determine what actions should be taken, including if any staff or students who have been in contact with that person need to monitor their health or self-isolate, and if other staff and students’ families should be notified.


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