Peter Knelson

I was born in Melfort, Saskatchewan and grew up in a few towns within Saskatchewan eventually ending up in Nipawin. Nipawin is a beautiful Saskatchewan town populated with many trees and there are great fishing spots around the area. I graduated from L.P. Miller high-school in Nipawin and am happy to call Nipawin my hometown. In 2012 I moved to Edmonton to attend Concordia University of Edmonton and received a bachelors degree in religious studies four years later. During those four years, I met a woman named Laurel Fiege who has been a dear friend and a role model to me because of her support and her strong work ethic. In 2016 I enrolled into Concordia Lutheran Seminary and now continue my studies of the Christian faith and I now have the joy of sharing in the gospel of Jesus Christ in a unique way. I am happy to write that in August of 2017 I married my beautiful wife Laurel who continues to support and encourage me as I learn and grow through the seminary training. Laurel and I are excited for the opportunity to serve you on our vicarage journey and we look forward to the future confident that we go in the name of Christ. As you can guess, I am a Roughrider fan, so I apologize in advance for the difficult losses the B.C. Lions may face this year at the hands of the Riders. All jokes aside, I do enjoy football, guitar, art, and especially food. There are many things to enjoy in life and I could go on but as you get to know me throughout the year you will find out more each day. I also get the privilege of getting to know all of you which I am very excited for and I look forward to sharing in the joy of Christ with all of you.


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