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Welcome to December!

Welcome to December! It is time to break out the stockings, put up the Christmas tree, and dust off the wreath. With the Christmas season upon us many also shine up the magnetic strip (or chip) on credit/debit cards and start looking for the perfect something for the special people in your life. Perhaps, you even got a jump start on this as one of the many shoppers taking advantage of last week’s Black Friday sales.

Black Friday has historically been known as the day of the year when businesses stop running a deficit (operating in the red) and begin turning a profit (operating in the black). This shopping day is quite a phenomena now spreading outside the US becoming known as the beginning to the Christmas shopping season. I too see Black Friday as the beginning to the Christmas season but in another way. Please allow me to explain.

When I think about Black Friday, I am reminded of how God works through everything in His creation, even consumerism. Black Friday is not a new term; it has been another name for Good Friday for many, many years. Good Friday is the day we celebrate the victory that Jesus won for us upon the cross at Calvary. It was through the running of His red blood that the blackness of our hearts was cleansed and we became free to operate in Christ’s salvation.

Black Friday does begin the Christmas season for me because its name provides me with a reminder as to why I celebrate Christmas. The name Black Friday reminds me of Easter and of my need for a Saviour. With this end in mind, I look forward to cracking open each door on my advent calendar as I count down to the celebration of God’s gift through Jesus’ birth.

So as you begin watching numerous reruns of Veggie Tales “The Christmas Story” and finish up your Christmas shopping be reminded of the real reason for celebrating this Christmas. The birth of Jesus is part of the great redemptive plan God created just for you and me.

Have a wonderful Christmas season! I pray that is it filled with family and friends but most of all I hope it is filled with Christ.

In His Faithfulness,

Luke Adam

High School Principal

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