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Salvation is found in Jesus today

If you have a child in the elementary school, you have inevitably heard him or her singing the song from the musical Annie entitled, “Tomorrow”. The catchy chorus begins with orphan Annie singing “the sun will come out tomorrow” where she shares her positive outlook on life despite the dreary, grey days of living in an orphanage. She places her hope in a better tomorrow as she desperately yearns to become part of a forever family.

As a carload of administrators drove back to BC with me from our conference in Portland we encountered some of the worst torrents of rain that I had ever experienced. Traffic on the I-5 slowed to a crawl as visibility reached near zero and my quiet prayers were not just for the sun to come out tomorrow but that it would burst forth immediately. What was to come was beyond my simple request but one that displayed all of God’s wonder, splendor, and faithfulness. The brilliance of sunlight streamed from between the clouds and cast its rays through rain droplets to create a most miraculous double rainbow. It reminded me that a rainbow similar to that was what Noah and his family witnessed after weeks of being tossed around in an unrepeatable storm. The covenant promise God gave at that time to protect all of creation from ever experiencing a flood that would destroy all life is a truth that we can hold onto today. It was a reminder to me to realize that even though I can feel insignificant, just as little orphan Annie, God doesn’t see his creation that way and we are precious enough to Him to reassure us with visible signs of his presence and promise.

Some of you can probably relate to times where you have personally experienced God’s love and protection. We can all be assured that Jesus’ death and resurrection is the ultimate illustration of God’s love and it is His desire that we all experience the promise of rescue from sin and live in the brilliance of His Son, Jesus. Being part of that “forever family” is what Jesus offers to us all and we don’t need to hope for tomorrow as salvation is found in Jesus today.

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son ,that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16

Your sister in Christ,

Mrs. Eisner

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