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Mission Trip

This week 30 of our grade 8 and 9 students along with me and four other brave supervisors will embark on a journey to serve others in Cornelius, Oregon.

What is cool and unique about this mission trip from recent years is the opportunity we have to take a coach bus down to Oregon (hence the bravery of the four other supervisors) and the even greater opportunity we have to connect with three other Lutheran schools during our time away: Seattle Lutheran High School, Portland Lutheran School, and Forest Grove Lutheran Christian School.

The annual mission trip provides so much to our students as they meet their brothers-and-sisters at other Lutheran schools, step into the vulnerability of foreign surroundings (including a week of no electronics!!), and serve others as Christ has called us to do in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, and the world.

There are many activities I am looking forward to the students experiencing but my favorite moment of these trips is when we all arrive back tired from a long, exhausting week of sleeping on the floor in sleeping bags, putting everyone else first, and plugging completely into God through prayer, Bible studies, and reflective journaling. It is at this time as students are about to head home to their comfy beds to hibernate for the day when I ask them if they had the choice to turn around to do it all over again and they respond with an affirmed “Yes!”

Please keep our grade 8 and 9 students, their supervisors and their parents, in your prayers this week. We look forward to our time of service and coming home to share our experiences with you.

Your Brother-in-Christ,

Luke Adam
High School Principal

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