Middle School Monday Note: November 1, 2021

Week at a Glance

Monday, November 1

Grade 6 – SCREAM Program – Mornings

9 – 9:30 am – Parent Prayer at Elementary Campus

2:45 – 4:00 pm  – Climbing Club

Tuesday, November 2

Grade 6 – SCREAM Program – Mornings

Grade 7 – FSA (Fundamental Skills Assessment)

2:45 – 3:45 pm – Coding Club

3-4 Homework Club

Wednesday, November 3

Grade 6 – SCREAM Program – Mornings

Grade 7 – FSA (Fundamental Skills Assessment)

The Well at Lunch

3-4 pm Boys Volleyball

3-4 pm Homework Club

Thursday, November 4

Grade 6 – SCREAM Program – Mornings

Grade 7 – FSA (Fundamental Skills Assessment)

3-4 pm Homework Club

Friday, November 5

Grade 6  – SCREAM Program – Mornings

Grade 7 – FSA (Fundamental Skills Assessment) 

Hot Lunch

Looking Ahead…

Monday, November 8

9 – 9:30 am – Parent Prayer at Elementary Campus

12:45 – 2:45 pm – Middle School at Robinson Memorial Park Cemetery (Remembrance Day field trip)

2:45 – 4:00 pm  – Climbing Club

Tuesday, November 9

2:45 – 3:45 pm – Coding Club

3-4 pm Homework Club

Wednesday, November 10

The Well at Lunch

3-4 pm Boys Volleyball

3-4 pm Homework Club

Thursday, November 11


Friday, November 12


Middle School Remembrance Day Ceremony – No Stone Left Alone Project

On Monday, November 8th the middle school staff and students will be travelling to the Robinson Memorial Cemetery in Coquitlam to hold a Remembrance Day Ceremony and participate in the No Stone Left Alone Project.

Here is the link to the permission slip if you haven’t signed it already: https://forms.gle/6oaPsxkuLct9MC5MA

We are in need of parent drivers who are welcome to stay for the ceremony. Students will be dropped off and dismissed from the elementary campus at the end of the day. A Media Release Form was also sent home with students that need to be signed and returned. If you need a copy of this, one can be picked up from the office. This gives us permission, if needed, to share your child’s photo with the No Stone Left Alone Memorial Foundation. 

 We are also looking for parent drivers who are welcome to stay for the ceremony. A Media Release Form was also sent home with students that need to be signed and returned. If you need a copy of this, one can be picked up from the office. This gives us permission, if needed, to share your child’s photo with the No Stone Left Alone Memorial Foundation.

Middle School Sports Shout Outs! 

The final results are in! Congratulations to all our Grade 4-7 cross country runners! Our Grade 4 Girls, Grade 5 Boys, Grade 5 Girls, and Grade 7 Girls all placed 3rd in the school team totals, and the Grade 7 Boys placed 2nd. Overall, our school placed 4th in Group B. Well done, Hurricanes! Thank you, Mr. O’Dell and all the parent volunteers who came out to cheer them on.

PI Academy Sports – Fall Season

PI Academy Sports is delighted to be able to offer badminton at Hope this fall season!

Thank you to all the parents and the staff at Hope for your great support of the badminton program, and continue to allow the students to learn through purposeful play.

Payment options:

Please find the link below to the signup of the 2021 fall season registration:


Additional notes:

  • Parents wanting to register siblings of different grades into one class for ease of family management, please register your older child to the younger siblings class.
  • Students will have their temperature checked (non-touch forehead) prior to the start of each lesson. Those showing 38 degrees or above or display physical signs of other ill symptoms, and subject to the Coach’s discretion, the student will not be able to participate in that lesson. The parents will be contacted for immediate pick up of their child. If a child is sent home or misses a lesson due to illness, a credit for that lesson will be applied to your account for future redemption.
  • No make-up classes. No switching classes at any time
  • Students will be reminded and when possible to keep at least a 2M distance from others during the lessons, and casual discussions
  • Students will be reminded to wash their hands frequently
  • No sharing of rackets
  • School rackets will be sanitized before and after use
  • Congratulatory gestures will be done by touching rackets or hand gestures

Volunteer Driving for Field Trips

We are very glad for the return of field trips this year!  With that, the school office would like to inform, or remind, our parent community what documentation is required to be on file with the school office every school year before volunteer driving:

  • Volunteer Driver Agreement & Vehicle Specifications Form 
  • current copy of vehicle’s registration and insurance papers (minimum 2,000,000 3rd party liability required)
  • current copy of the driver’s personal driving record

Available free of charge from ICBC online link:


  • current eCriminal Record Clearance (eCRC) letter on file at the school office (an eCRC has an expiry date of five years)

Our Volunteer Driver Package is also available for download on the school website under the tab of PARENTS, then VOLUNTEERS.

Thank you to our parent community for your willingness to drive and supervise our students on upcoming field trips this school year.

The 2021-2022 Year Book

Once again, we are excited to partner with Jostens in developing a yearbook that will display special moments for all of us, including individual photos of our school family, as well as candid shots and amazing collages!

If you would like to order a yearbook, you may do so either by cheque or online Hope Lutheran Christian School (please no cash). You may order your yearbook for $25. The deadline for ordering your yearbook is April 1st, 2022. Your child was given a yearbook order form today. Please complete the form and return with a cheque or go to the online ordering link and follow the instructions to order your yearbook. Thank you for your support in ensuring we have yet another amazing yearbook to showcase our students’ memories at Hope this academic year! 

Parent Prayer

You are invited and welcome to join other parents and our school administration to pray (even if you’ve never prayed before!). Please consider setting aside 30 minutes of your time at the beginning of each week to join us for Parent Prayer as we pray for our school, families, and community. 

We will be meeting outside at the Elementary Campus by the main entrance. 

Every Monday from 9:00 – 9:30 am (except for holidays).

PTL News

Parent Volunteering

Outdoor Maintenance

Falling Leaves + Wet Weather = Street Flooding at Elementary Campus

The time is now.  Help keep little feet dry.  Parents, bring a shovel to morning drop off and pull the leaves away from the curb enough to allow water to flow into the catch basins.  If the leaves aren’t cleared from the curb, water collects at the entrance to the school driveway and at the crosswalk, causing very large puddles to form.  Time spent on this act of service will count towards parent participation hours.


The Library needs a parent volunteer every Tuesday from 1:30 to 3:00. This volunteer will be our Grade 2 scribe, helping each student to record their AR books in their reading log.

Additionally, the Library would benefit from regular parent volunteers in-house to ensure books are shelved in the correct spots.  Parents can also help with book repair from home.   If there is enough interest, an information session could be arranged for this Wednesday from 2:15-3:00.

Over the Christmas break, chair covers will need to be washed.

Contact Ms. Francescini at kfrancescini@hopelcs.ca for more information or to express your interest.

An ongoing list of volunteer opportunities can be found here:  2021-22 Volunteer Opportunities 

Km Club 

Km Club is now finished for the fall season.  Thank you to all the parents who helped to make our running club a success.  The students performed very well at the cross-country meet and that was, in part, due to the training they received at Km Club.

Parents, for any child who ran from home, please email me the dates they ran and the distance for each date.  We will be organizing award tokens soon and don’t want to miss anyone.  The deadline for submitting any distances from home is Weds., Nov. 3rd. 

Now that you’ve seen how Km Club is managed, are there a few parents who are able to oversee our Spring club?  Please contact Lisa at lklym@hopelcs.ca if you are able to help organize and manage the Spring club.  Km Club starts up the first day after spring break, on March 28th.

PTL General Meeting

Our next PTL meeting is this week, Thursday, November 4th over Zoom.  Connection details will be sent to you via email this week.  As a review, you may access the previous meeting minutes here:  Sept 2021 Meeting Minutes

Please plan to attend the meeting as there will be motions for funding to vote on.  Attendance at our meeting counts for 1 hour.

PTL Meeting Agenda:

  • Devotion & Prayer
  • Approval of September 2021 Minutes
  • Elementary Vice-Principal’s Report
  • Middle School Vice-Principal’s Report
  • Financial Reports
  • Funding Motions 
  • PTL Vacancies
  • Fundraising
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • New Business

PTL Fundraising

Thank you to everyone who financially supports our school.  We make several fundraising opportunities available throughout the year and, with every opportunity, your involvement is completely optional.  

Our recycling fundraiser is ongoing and a recycling bag will be sent home soon to each family with an instructional sheet attached.  Please consider supporting the school through your recycling rebates.

Community Relations


Submissions are open for the December newsletter.  Do you have an achievement or special event you’d like to share? How about a story of wonder and exploring God’s creation?  Please send your submissions to Lisa Klym at lklym@hopelcs.ca.

Small Groups

Our next online Bible reading plan will begin Monday, November 8th.  Join us as we spend 21 days walking through Ephesians, answering questions such as:  Who are we in Christ? What is our inheritance? What does a relationship with Jesus provide?  Ephesians is rich with truths about God and his saving work in us and we will learn more about God and ourselves as we read and study his Word.

If you would like to join the reading plan, please email Lisa Klym (lklym@hopelcs.ca) with your mobile number and a text invitation will be sent to you.

Hope Lutheran Junior Youth

Junior Youth is a ministry of Hope Lutheran Church for students in Grades 5-8, connecting students with Jesus and one another.

Jr. Youth is back on Saturday, November 6, from 6:30 – 8:30 pm at the Elementary School campus. Join us for fun and games! To stay in the loop for our next events, join our email list by clicking here.

Have questions? Please email Danielle (danielle.andriulaitis@hopelcs.ca)

Blessings to you and your family from the Junior Youth Ministry Team!