Middle School Monday Note: June 6, 2022

Week at a Glance

Monday, June 6

Prayer group at lunch

ADST Market Day Project

Tuesday, June 7

3 – 4 pm Homework Club

3 – 4 pm Coding Club

Wednesday, June 8

The Well at Lunch

3 – 4 pm Homework Club

Thursday, June 9

3 – 4 pm Homework Club

Friday, June 10

Hot Lunch

6:30 pm Middle School Mixer event at the elementary campus

Looking Ahead…

Monday, June 13

Prayer group at Lunch

Tuesday, June 14

Middle School Sports Day and Picnic

3 – 4 pm Homework Club

3 – 4 pm Coding Club

Wednesday, June 15

The Well at Lunch

3 – 4 pm Homework Club

Thursday, June 16

8:50 – 10 am – Middle School Chapel and Awards @ elementary campus

7 – 9 pm  – Grade 8 Grad Ceremony and Reception @ elementary campus

Friday, June 17


Grade 8 at Playland

Student Drop Off at the Middle School Campus

A reminder to parents that when dropping off in the morning you may park on one of the side streets, park in the courtyard or drop off in front of the school in the middle of the courtyard. Do not stop in the middle of either driveway to drop off your child(ren) as this backs up the traffic entering the courtyard and will be an annoyance for other tenants in the complex.

Parent Prayer

Thank you to all those who have joined the Parent Prayer group throughout the school year!

Monday, June 13, will be the final Parent Prayer time for the 2021-2022 school year. You are welcome to join us as we pray for our school, families, and community. 

We will be meeting outside at the Elementary Campus by the main entrance, from 9:00 – 9:30 am.

Recess/Lunch Supervision Job Opportunity at Elementary Campus for 2022/23 School Year

The Elementary School has some openings on their recess and lunch supervision team for the upcoming school year.  If this is something that may interest you please email your resume, including any certifications you may have (CRC, first aid) to the Head Supervisor, Michele Malmberg (mmalmberg@hopelcs.ca).

PTL News

A PTL meeting was held last Thursday.  The minutes of that meeting can be viewed here.

At our meeting, the opportunity was given for parents to contribute to the school to fund staff “wish-list” items – items that do not fall under the school budget but would enhance the learning in the classroom and/or directly benefit students.  Please click to view a list of all the requested itemsParents have until June 15th to indicate their intent to support the school in procuring these items.  If you wish to have a tax receipt issued, please make your cheque payable to Hope Lutheran School.  After June 15th the PTL will consider funding any items not covered by parent donations.

The PTL needs new leadership to join the Executive in the coming school year.  The President role will become vacant as of June 2023 and the Vice-President role remains vacant.  These jobs can be shared among parents.  Please review the Job Description for an outline of expectations.  This is an excellent opportunity for parents of younger grades to be involved in the school long-term.


Participation Opportunities

Opportunities are available for the next school year.  Please browse the list of ongoing opportunities and let us know where you’d like to serve next year.  Some opportunities are guaranteed hours…  

FOR ALL PARENTS:  The Term 2 Participation recording sheets will close on June 15th.  Please ensure you have recorded all your participation hours on your Term 2 sheets prior to June 15th.  After this date, the sheets will be locked and hours calculated.  If you have completed a minimum of 15 hours, there is no cost to you.  Completion of partial hours will receive a reimbursement cheque.


BC Dumpling Festival 2022

Saturday, August 13th, Town Centre Park – a multicultural, family-friendly event that will showcase dumplings from around the world! 

The day will be packed with live entertainment, activities for all ages, local food and beverage vendors and will feature a dumpling competition.   For more information visit bcdumplingfest.ca
We have been invited to participate with a 10×10 tent showcasing our school and we’d like parents to be our spokespeople.  If you are here and would like to participate, please email Mr. Lok (jlok@hopelcs.ca).  Planning starts now.  Time spent will count towards the PPP.


Used Uniform Sale

A used uniform sale is happening on June 13 & 14 at 2:30 pm in our Elementary campus parking lot.  This is a great opportunity to pass on those outgrown uniform pieces.  Parents, take the opportunity to go through your uniform pieces and identify what you can sell to other families.  

Individuals are responsible for the sale and cleanup of their own items.  Please email the PTL if you would like to have a table.

Community Relations


Submissions are open for the September newsletter.  

Do you have an achievement or special event you’d like to share? Are you doing something throughout the summer that we can feature in September?   

Please send your submissions to Lisa Klym at lklym@hopelcs.ca

Hope Lutheran Junior Youth

Junior Youth is a ministry of Hope Lutheran Church for students in Grades 5-8, connecting students with Jesus and one another.

JR Youth is on this Saturday, June 11. Come join us for fun, games, and devotion! Join our mailing list by clicking here to receive updates about our events.

Have questions? Please email Danielle (danielle.andriulaitis@hopelcs.ca)

Blessings to you and your family from the Junior Youth Ministry Team!