Middle School Monday Note: April 8, 2019

Week at a Glance

Monday, April 8

Tuesday, April 9

8:55 – 9:55am Parent Prayer at Poco campus

Wednesday, April 10

2:10 – Chapel – Mrs. Mayer

3:15 – 4:15pm Garden Club

3:30-4:30pm – Beauty and The Beast Rehearsals at Poco campus

Thursday, April 11

3:15-4:15pm The Well Club

Friday, April 12

Badminton Club at lunch

The Well – Butter Chicken with rice, naan and veggies for $5.00

3:15 – 4:15pm Badminton Club

3:30-4:30pm – Beauty and The Beast Rehearsals at Poco campus


Monday, April 15

Tuesday, April 16

8:45am – 4:00pm  – Badminton Tournament at MRCS school

Wednesday, April 17

2:10 – Chapel

3:15 – 4:15pm Gardening Club

3:30-4:30pm – Beauty and The Beast Rehearsals at Poco campus

Thursday, April 18

No Well Club today

Friday, April 19



2019/2020 PTL Executive Positions:  The PTL Executive is putting out a call for the following available positions for the 2019/2020 school year:  President, Vice-President, and Middle School MAL.

If you are interested, please contact any Executive member or email hopelutheranptl@hopelcs.ca for more details.  The membership will vote on the new Executive at the May meeting.  A job description will be made available upon request.

Triathlon Run and Bike Practice

Friday, April 19th, 9:00 am at Hyde Creek

All students who are participating in the Triathlon as a biker and runner are invited to come for a practice on the actual route for their safety and familiarity with the routes.  Swimmers are also welcome to join us but it is strongly suggested that bikers and runners attend this guided practice. We will meet at 9:00am in the grassy area of the parking lot at Hyde Creek Recreation Center on Friday, April 19th and we expect to finish by 10:00am.  For more information about the routes for swimming, biking and running please see the link belowStudents who are not able to attend the practice should go through the route on their own time.


Beauty And The Beast Practices

*Please note* NEW SCHEDULES ARE OUT (yellow-ish color)


Wednesday Apr.10 Act – 1.6, 2.8, 2.10; Sing – Gaston Reprise, Mob Song (?); Choreography – Be Our Guest

Friday Apr. 12 Act – 2.12; Sing – Mob Song; Choreography – Beauty and the Beast


Wednesday Apr 17 Act/Sing/Choreography – 1.1, 1.6, 2.12, 2.13

Beauty and The Beast Backstage:

Students selected for work backstage need to return their forms by April 10.

Beauty and The Beast Hair and Makeup:

We have one parent available to do hair and makeup for our musical.  We would love to have one or two more to help with makeup and hair. If interested, please contact Ms. Allen at jallen@hopelcs.ca

Parent Volunteers for Musical Set Making:

Teachers will be finishing painting the pieces of the Beauty and The Beast set after school on Monday, April 15.  We are calling on parent volunteers to join us to help paint.

Please sign up at https://www.signupgenius.com/go/5080f4aa9af2fa7ff2-musical

Gathering Props:

The committee would love to have some parent help gathering props for the Musical. See link below to view the items we are looking for. Please bring items to Mrs. Ng (Room 206) anytime before Feb 28. Thanks in advance!



The Badminton Tournament at Maple Ridge Christian is coming up in the next few weeks. Athletes will be attending the CESS tournament on April 16, 2019. More information will be coming soon!

The Well

This week’s hot lunch is Butter Chicken with rice, naan bread and veggies for $5.00

Orders are due back by Wednesday, April 10th. A selection of snacks will also be available for purchase on Friday at lunch.

Hope Junior Youth (Grades 5-8)

Join us this Saturday, April 13, for Junior Youth (grades 5-8) from 6:30 – 8:30pm!

Want more information? Join our class on Edmodo with the code: yptd7w

Uniform Reminders

Our middle school teachers will be the first to admit that we haven’t been very good at keeping on top of students with regards to proper uniform. We’d like to make a more concerted effort in this area moving forward and appreciate your support in helping to ensure your child comes to school in proper uniform or remembers to bring it with them (e.g. PE days).

If your child receives a uniform infraction, you will be emailed a scanned copy of the notice. You are not required to respond in any way; we just want to make sure you are aware. We will keep track of the number of infractions here at school.

Depending on the number of infractions, the consequences are as follows:

1st Infraction: Parent/guardian notified

2nd Infraction: Parent/guardian notified; student issued an appropriate consequence

3rd Infraction: Student phones parent to inform them; student issued an in-school consequence

4th Infraction: Student phones parent to inform them; student issued an in-school consequence

5th Infraction: Student will receive an in-school suspension from school

Parents in Prayer

A parent from the Port Coquitlam campus has organized a once a month prayer time for parents/family members of Hope Lutheran Christian School.

Please join us on the first Tuesday of each month for Parent Prayer. We will meet from 8:55 – 9:30 am and pray for our children, our families, the staff and teachers at Hope and our community of Port Coquitlam. We will share and learn from one another, be inspired by Bible readings on prayer and of course – we will pray together! Email Tina Goetz for more info: mylifeforhis@shaw.ca

Location: Please meet in the narthex/foyer of the Port Coquitlam Campus at 8:55 am on Tuesday, April 9

The dates for the rest of the school year are:  May 7,  June 4