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Happy Thanksgiving

I do not know about you but I am still trying to wrap my head around only being a week away from Thanksgiving. Where did September go? But as I have been thinking about our family’s plans for the upcoming weekend I began reminiscing about past Thanksgivings and why this is one of my favorite times of the year.

As I grew up on our family farm in Alberta, I learned quickly that fall, particularly October, is a very busy season. It is a time when all of the hard work from seeding and taking care of the crops pays off. I do not know whether it is the smell and haze of combine dust in the air, the outline of farm machinery on a red horizon, the cool, crisp morning air as you prepare for another day of work, or a combination of them all but boy, do I love harvest time on the prairies.

Harvest time does not come without its stress though. Long hours, hard work, fixing equipment, and fighting the clock before the snow flies just so you can do it all again a year later….and with all there is to be done, who has time for a break?

Maybe that is why I love Thanksgiving. Traditionally, it has always been a day when our whole extended family took a break from the daily grind coming together for a day to share stories, time, and dinner with one another. What a great time!

Jesus too took time during His busy ministry schedule for getting together with others to share stories (parables) and break bread with others (See the “Feeding of the 5,000” or the “Last Supper”). This was clearly very important to Him and Jesus used these “break times” to share about God’s relationship with us, His people.

So, what is your harvest time? What are you going through right now that you feel you cannot put down for a much needed break and reflection during this Thanksgiving season?

Leading up to this Thanksgiving weekend, I encourage you to take time: time for reflection and meditation on God’s Word and His blessings in our life and for breaking bread and sharing the great relationship we have in Jesus with others. If you are not sure what to share with others, check out Philippians 1:3-11. It is a wonderful and powerful note of Thanksgiving from the apostle Paul who is writing to the church of Philippi and I will end my time here with you by sharing the first verse of Paul’s letter, “I thank my God every time I remember you.”

Hope parents, students, and families, you are one of the many blessings I will thank God for each time I remember you!

Happy Thanksgiving,
Luke Adam
High School Principal

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