Elementary Monday Note: November 19, 2018

Week at a Glance

Monday, November 19

12:00 pm Yearbook Meeting

3:15 pm Gr. 3-5 After School Activity – Dance (pre-registered)

Tuesday, November 20

1:00 pm Gr. 5A Swimming Lessons – Hyde Creek

3:15 pm Gr. 2/3 After School EAL Classes (Rm. 209)

3:15 – 4:45 pm  Grade 5 boys basketball

Wednesday, November 21

9:00 am Chapel – Gr. 2B

3:15 pm Gr. 4/5 After School EAL Classes (Rm.207)

3:15 pm Gr. 3-5 After School Activity – Karate (pre-registered)

Thursday, November 22

9:15 am Gr. 1B Field Trip – Dentist

9:30 am Gr. 3A Field Trip – Evergreen Centre

12:30 pm Gr. 3B Field Trip – Evergreen Centre

1:00 pm Gr. 5B Swimming Lessons – Hyde Creek

3:15 pm Gr. 3-5 After School Activity – Coding/Robotics (pre-registered)

Friday, November 23

End of Term One

Hot Lunch Day

Looking Ahead…


Monday, November 26

NO SCHOOL IN SESSION – Administrative Day

Tuesday, November 27

LEST Fund Gift Card Orders Due

Mt Seymour Ski Forms and Cheques Due

3:15 pm Gr. 2/3 After School EAL Classes (Rm. 209)

3:15 – 4:45 pm  Grade 5 boys basketball

Wednesday, November 28

9:00 am Chapel – Mrs. Stephanie Mayer

7:15 am Gr. 5 boys basketball practice

3:15 pm Gr. 4/5 After School EAL Classes (Rm.207)

3:15 pm Gr. 3-5 After School Activity – Karate (pre-registered)

Thursday, November 29

1:00 pm Gr. 1A Field Trip – Dentist

3:15 pm Gr. 3-5 After School Activity – Coding/Robotics (pre-registered)

Friday, November 30

9:00 am Gr. 2A & B Field Trip – Fishing

Parent Teacher League (PTL) News

1. EDUCATION ASSISTANT LUNCHHuge thank you to all the Parents who provided lunch on Friday.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

2. HOT LUNCH – Next Hot Lunch is on Friday, November 23.

3. FUN FOOD Fun Food is on Friday, December 7.  Parents from all grades are welcome to participate in bringing baked goods and serving.  Sign up at the link below and earn volunteer hours:


Important Health Notice

There have recently been a number of cases of Pink Eye at the Elementary campus. Parents are asked to be aware of the symptoms of Pink Eye (see Health BC link here), and treat any infections immediately. Because Pink Eye is extremely easily transmitted, students with active symptoms must be kept from school until treatment has been undertaken and the symptoms are no longer present.

Grade 5 Boys Basketball

Grade 5 boys basketball practices continue on Tuesdays after school. All grade 5 boys can participate.

Christmas Hamper 2018 Campaign

The Christmas season is a time that emphasizes joy and celebration for most, but for those struggling, the need is felt more profoundly.  We take this opportunity as a school to rally around these families, and contribute to hampers to help make Christmas a joyful time for all.

The HLCS Christmas Hamper Campaign has begun. Please follow  links for each class:

Kindergarten A & B

Grade 1 A & B

Grades 2 A & B, 3 A & B

Grades 4 A & B, 5 A & B

Grades 6 A & B, 7/8

Gifts of cash & gift cards can be taken to the school office for safekeeping. (If you are ordering a gift card from the Hope Lutheran Christian School’s Grade 6-8 LEST Fundraiser to use for your Christmas Hamper donation, these gift cards will arrive just in time before the hampers are delivered.)

For health and safety reasons please ensure all donated items are new and unwrapped.

Contributions are voluntary; volunteer hours are not given for these donations.

Starting on Monday November 19, Christmas wrapped collection bins will be placed in each classroom for Kindergarten through Grade 5, and if you are at the Pitt Meadows Campus, please place your items in the wrapped boxes in the office.

Donations will be collected for 2 weeks – Monday, November 19 until Monday, December 3, 2018.

Thank you for your help & support. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Karri Kurucz at misskarri@shaw.ca

Thank you for your support!

Hot Chocolate & Cookie Fundraiser!

Friday, November 23, come and  support our grade 5’s who are fundraising for their celebration day! 10% of funds will also be donated to charity!  Hot Chocolate and cookie for $2.

Hope’s Junior Youth (Grades 5-8)

This Saturday, November 24, Hope’s Junior Youth is at Camp Luther for their Junior Christmas Retreat! This retreat is for students aged 7-12. For more information or to register, visit www.campluther.ca

No other event this Saturday. Join us when we are back on December 1 for Junior Youth (grades 5-8) from 6:30 – 8:30pm!

Want more information? Join our class on Edmodo with the code: yptd7w

Hope Lutheran Church – God Walk Event

Who:               You! Anyone who wants to come.

What:             God Walk – around Lafarge Lake

When:             Sunday, November 25, 2018; 9:30-10:30 am

Where:           TD Community Plaza; 1299 Pinetree Way, Coquitlam, BC

Why:               to get out and about and look for God in our Community!

These are not strenuous walks, but more exploratory, as we encounter God through creation, discovering the many things in the world around us and growing in our relationship with God as we investigate how those many things point us to God.

LEST Fund Gift Cards

The grade 6 to 8 students will be going to the Lutheran Elementary Schools Tournament (LEST) in Portland, Oregon this coming February.  To help fund this great opportunity, we have partnered with Fundscrip, a company that sells gift cards. Information regarding this fundraiser was sent home with each student November 13, and orders are due back, Tuesday November 27.

Fundscrip will offer a percentage of every gift card ordered to go towards the LEST trip.  You will get the full value of the gift card and the school will also receive a 3 to 10 % donation.  Please consider purchasing gift cards for your everyday purchases (i.e. groceries, gas, movies, Starbucks), Christmas gifts, teacher gifts and corporate events.  Instead of paying by credit card at the retailers offered on the form, please consider buying a gift card and paying with that.          

Thank you for your support!             

Please email any question you may have to Beth Marshall at bpugsy@hotmail.com

Grade 2-8 Parent and Child Ski/Snowboard Day

We are excited to once again offer a fabulous opportunity for our students and families to participate as a group in a winter sport. This year, there will be a Grade 2-8 Parent and Child Ski/Snowboard Day at Mt. Seymour on Friday, December 21, 2018.  Although this is a school sponsored event, it takes place outside of school hours; therefore, all responsibility for supervision, first aid, and transportation is up to the student’s parents/guardians. There is an opportunity to book a spot on the school bus for $15 per person, if there is enough interest. All students who attend the ski day must participate in lessons.  Parents and older siblings may choose to ski/board or to watch lessons. There are two forms required. The HLCS school form (one per family) can be accessed through the link below or picked up from the school office, and the Mt. Seymour form (one per student and one for any adults/siblings who are renting) must be picked up from the school office. Both forms and your cheque must be returned to the school office by Tuesday, November 27.   


Family Math Games Night

Our Family Math Night was a fun success! We enjoyed all of the games that Mathnasium brought and shared with us. A huge THANK YOU to all of the parents and grandparents that helped during the event and stayed after for clean up! If you helped out for this event, please make sure to claim this time for your Parent Volunteer Hours. Thank you!


Please check your son’s PE shirt and sweater size L with  initials AD on them and return to Grade 4A if found.

Parents in Prayer

For the school year, a parent from the Port Coquitlam campus has organized a once a month prayer time for parents/family members of Hope Lutheran Christian School.

Please join us on the first Tuesday of each month for Parent Prayer. We will meet from 8:55 – 9:30 am and pray for our children, our families, the Staff and Teachers at Hope and our Community of Port Coquitlam. We will share and learn from one another, be inspired by Bible readings on prayer and of course – we will pray together! Email Tina Goetz for more info: mylifeforhis@shaw.ca

Location: Please meet in the Narthex/Foyer of the Port Coquitlam Campus at 8:55 am on Tuesday, December 4.

The dates for the rest of the school year are: January 8, February 5, March 5, April 2, May 7, June 4.

Frans Flowers Christmas Flash Floral Sale

On December 7 there will be a Christmas Floral sale with all proceeds going to support the middle school student’s trip to LEST.  More details to follow soon.