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BC Mission Boat

After the pandemic put our hopes of a Grade 8 missions trip in partnership with the BC Mission Boat Society on hold, Spring 2022 saw six Grade 8 students and two teachers from our middle school travel into the community of Kyuquot, BC on the northwest part of Vancouver Island.
During their time in Kyuquot, the team helped to lead Kids’ Club; hosted a gym night, with many of the teens/young people from the community attending; a women’s craft night; and a family games night.
The Grade 8 students and adult team members took every opportunity to connect and build relationships with the kids, teens, and adults of the community. Whether it was sitting and colouring with a child, playing with kids at the playground, joining an evening game with the teenagers, playing a game of Dutch Blitz with a couple of the ladies from the community, sitting in the home of an elder who told us about the history of the community and her family, or keeping the little ones occupied during the ladies’ craft night. 
We continue to foster relationships built with the Kyuquot community and intend for this to be an annual trip for each of our Grade 8 classes.

Bethlehem Walk

Since its start 25 years ago, Hope Lutheran Christian School has participated with the Church in bringing God’s redemptive story to our community through music and drama.  Dramatic vignettes from Creation to the promise of a Saviour, the angels’ message of “Peace on earth, good will toward all people”, and the birth of Christ are artistically portrayed by students and staff members.  The parking lot is transformed into a scene from Bethlehem and students perform, sing and play music outdoors and in the sanctuary.



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Union Gospel Mission 

Providing financial support to UGM’s New West Drop-In center, a resource center for men and women to find a place of refuge in New Westminster. Students collect toiletry items and new socks to be distributed to the homeless.







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Concordia Lutheran Mission (Nicaragua)

Through chapel offerings and other fundraising initiatives, we provided support to purchase desks and chairs for their school in Nicaragua.






Lutheran Bible Translators of Canada (Galim)

A fundraising initiative was held in 2020 to provide budgetary support for the École Privée Protestant de Galim-Tignère’s operations in 2020-21, allowing them to proceed with replacing the latrines for the school and equipping the Galim Lutheran Medical Dispensary with a small solar power system to power their lab devices.











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